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Learning through fun and play

7:30am - 8:45am

The day starts with greeting parents and children, allowing children to settle.


spanish lesson

At HappyWoods we believe in the importance for children to learn another language which is why we have incorporated Spanish language daily to our curriculum. The daily sessions are well planned to ensure that the children have fun, engaged, and challenged to improve.

If you speak more than one language at home, you might already be wondering how and when to introduce them to your baby. You might have heard a few things about language learning that simply aren’t true – there are plenty of myths around.

A common myth is that speaking more than one language confuses children and can lead to speech delay. In fact, being able to speak more than one language has huge benefits.

Most of the world population speaks more than one language. Babies are born ready to learn languages and can absorb any language spoken around them. Raising your child in two or more languages will help the development of their brain, their self-confidence, wellbeing and learning skills; and means they’ll be better equipped to learn other languages later in life.


We love providing stimulating and dynamic activities for the children to support their physical bodies. Yoga is part of one of our extracurricular activities which is performed three times weekly at the setting.


Yoga is also known to improve emotional regulation as well as helping children to be in the present moment whilst relaxing and gaining a peaceful state of mind which ultimately improves their emotional regulation.

Children get enormous benefit from Yoga which enhance their flexibility, strength, and co-ordinations.

Cooking Sessios

Cooking activities are provided weekly as part of the nursery curriculum to cover important life skills.  We spend around 30 minutes to an hour on activities like:

  • Cleaning hygiene routines before food preparation 

  • Listening and following instructions

  • Discussing different cooking ingredients

  • Observing how the dish is cooked 

  • Letting the children have fun making a basic dish

  • Finally enjoying the dish for either snack or teatime

The nursery also has won a silver award for healthy eating practices by the Mayor of London scheme- Healthy Early Years London.

Cooking encourages children's thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. It also allows children the opportunity to use the knowledge they have and apply it by counting, measuring, following a sequence, following directions, and wakening passion for cooking practices.

Music, Dance & Movement

 Music and Movement is delivered by professionals at the setting weekly. 

 Our sessions are for all age groups

 Babies : 1-2 years

 Toddlers -2-3 years

 Preschoolers - 3-4 years

 Sessions start with warms ups, clapping, wiggling, standing, dancing and role play.

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