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Outstanding childcare is at the heart of what we do

Happywoods is a private daycare nursery offering a holistic approach to education inspired by nature. Everything we do is with love educating and learning through fun. We provide children with a nurturing and responsive environment to play, discover, learn, grow in order to realise their full potential. We ensure our children are empowered with social and life readiness skills getting them ready for primary school.

Our mission is to provide the best outcome for your children according to their own individual needs by working in partnership with parents. Our team is made up of passionate and professional childcare practitioners in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) - guidelines set by the  regulatory body OFSTED.


  • We have 9.9% positive reviews from our parents (

  • A family friendly approach 

  • Passionate in delivering a first-class care

  • A high standard of garden play and activity resources 

Taking children from 13 months to 5 years old

From 7:30am to 6:00pm. ​

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